Top 10 Reasons Why You Need JFrog Enterprise+


More and more companies rely on software to provide value to their customers through product or service updates, websites, mobile apps and more. Whether large or small, these companies can be in any industry segment such as financial, retail, manufacturing or healthcare.

To keep providing value through software,  you need to continuously develop new capabilities, rapidly fix bugs and issues and quickly resolve any security threats.

The newly introduced JFrog Enterprise+ platform is a complete solution that meets these needs and covers all the steps involved in creating a secure, trustworthy, and traceable software release in a multi-site development environment. It is powered by the best of JFrog offerings with new innovative elements to complete the binaries release flow pipeline. The solution works in conjunction with version control systems, continuous integration systems, and deployment tools. The JFrog Enterprise+ platform includes JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray, Access Federation, JFrog Distribution, JFrog Artifactory Edge and JFrog Mission Control with Insight projects.JFrog Enterprise+ Platform

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Enterprise+:

REASON 1: Release faster with a zero-downtime binary platform from build to deploy empowered by ecosystem integration.

JFrog Artifactory is a scalable, universal binary repository manager that automatically manages your artifacts and dependencies through the application development and delivery process. Supporting all major package formats, CI/CD servers and build tools, Artifactory comfortably sits at the center of virtually any development ecosystem allowing you to deliver reliable, higher quality software faster and at a lower cost to better compete in the market.

REASON 2: Use the power of multisite enhanced replication to control repository mirroring.

JFrog Artifactory supports sharing binaries between geographically distant sites by simultaneously replicating repositories from one site to any of the others. With both multi-push and event-based pull replication, Artifactory supports any multi-site topology for distributed development.

Push Replication

Amsterdam pushes to Bangkok, Cape Town and Denver.

Pull Replication

Bangkok, Cape Town and Denver pull replicate from Amsterdam.

JFrog Enterprise+ Platform JFrog Enterprise+ Platform

REASON 3: Enforce auditing and tracking of all the changes to artifacts bundled on every release.

JFrog Artifactory stores exhaustive build information including specific artifact versions, modules, dependencies, system properties, environment variables, user information, timestamps and more, providing extensive auditing capabilities that let you track all changes made to release binaries. With this information it is easy to reproduce a build or use “Diff” tools to compare builds and point out the changes that were introduced from one version to another.

REASON 4: Govern your global artifact workflow by federating access to the different components of the Enterprise+ platform.

JFrog Access eases the administration of managing authentication and access control at global scale by enabling federated access for any component of the JFrog Enterprise+ platform. It supports any multi-site topology by providing cross-product, global management for  users, groups, API tokens and permissions.

JFrog Enterprise+ Platform

REASON 5: Detect vulnerabilities by performing artifact analysis for all major package formats across the CI/CD pipeline

Xray increases trust in your software releases by continuously scanning the binaries, keeping them free of OSS license compliance issues and security vulnerabilities while providing a deep dependency analysis and DevSecOps impact graph.

REASON 6: Get radical transparency into your components graph through deep recursive scanning

Xray performs a deep scan of artifacts, recursively going through dependencies at any level and creating a graph of relationships between the different software components. For example, when analyzing a Docker image, if Xray finds that it contains a Java application it will also analyze all the JAR files used in this application.

REASON 7: Gain full visibility of dependencies and secure your DevOps setup with an impact analysis graph

JFrog Xray’s deep recursive scanning gives it a complete picture of the relationships between all the components in your product. Once a component is identified to suffer from a vulnerability, Xray understands the impact it has on other components and displays a graph showing the relationship between the vulnerable component and all others that are affected. Theses component relationships may be in the context of binary artifacts, builds, or deployments that are connected to the infected component.

REASON 8: Fully automate vulnerability protection through CI/CD integration

Scanning for known security vulnerabilities and license violations is becoming a critical step in DevOps. JFrog Xray increases trust in your software releases by providing automated and continuous governance and auditing of your software artifacts and dependencies throughout the CI/CD process – development, testing, and production.

REASON 9: Distribute and continuously update remote locations with release-ready binaries.

JFrog Distribution enables you to quickly and reliably distribute immutable software releases from their deployment sites to production systems at remote sites. A series of JFrog Artifactory Edge nodes located in close proximity to the compute edge becomes a CDN-like, secure network that works with JFrog Distribution to authenticate releases and accelerate their distribution to the corresponding runtime consumers of the binaries.

JFrog Enterprise+ Platform

REASON 10: Provide correlated and contextual insights into the behavior of all the tools in your DevOps ecosystem through a single dashboard

JFrog Mission Control uses Insight projects to expose metrics and analytics of the software release flow, from the code repository to the deployment and orchestration tool, to improve time-to-market and measure ROI.

JFrog Enterprise+ Platform

Creating a secure, reliable, and traceable software release flow in a multi-site development environment has always been a challenge. Enterprise+ helps you accelerate your release cycle by managing and tracing artifacts all the way from build to deployment to distribution at the compute edge, and optimize your CI/CD pipeline by providing visibility to your entire development and delivery process.