Introducing First Class RubyGems Support in Artifactory

Here’s a short and down-to-business screen-cast that shows how to set up a feature-rich hosted Ruby Gems repository. You’ll get the full monty – local repositories for sharing your private gems, remote repositories to stop being dependent on and a virtual repository that unifies and simplifies configuration. Of course, it plays awesomely with Jenkins, (by using Jenkins … Continued

Go beyond Java with CI server and Artifactory

During the last couple of years, continuous integration (CI) and automated release management methodologies have become much stronger in non-Java builds.Number of familiar tools are used for these methodologies, like the version control system to manages your sources, your build tool to actually build your software from sources and  your build server, which builds your software continuously using … Continued

Artifactory – Community Talks

We’d rather have our customers and users be the gauge of how well Artifactory met their Continuous Integration needs, rather than have you listen to our opinion.These are busy days for the froggers getting ready to release 2.4. The buzz is out there and proudly we can see more and more talks that cover Artifactory as … Continued

The Future of CI at JAX Conf

The Future of CI at JAX Conf – San Jose June, 2011 by Fred SimonThese are exciting days for Continuous Integration users and for us – JFrog Artifactory team.Following the successful CI Summit held in LinkedIn HQ last month, we are now heading to theSan Jose JAX Conf!This year, for the first time, the great European JAX conference … Continued