Xray and Aqua Keeping Your Containers in Safe Waters

While Docker has become all the rage, it is still a relatively new technology in the market. Many companies have introduced it into their organizations, but relatively few have taken Docker to production. One of the reasons is the security risk inherent in running a large set of containers, often based on open source code, … Continued

Taking Docker to Production with Confidence

Many organizations developing software today use Docker in one way or another. If you go to any software development or DevOps conference and ask a big crowd of people “Who uses Docker?”, most people in the room will raise their hands. But if you now ask the crowd, “Who uses Docker in production?”, most hands … Continued

Docker is Not Alone

JFrog Artifactory – The Only Universal Enterprise Repository Manager During DockerCon 2015 in SF, Solomon Hykes asked the audience: “Who is using Docker and nothing else”? No one in the audience raised their hand. Our Developer and DevOps 2015 Survey reinforces this point and adds what developers are using together with Docker. In JFrog’s Developer and … Continued