Building Serverless on Kubernetes with OpenFaaS and JFrog Artifactory

Serverless (as an operational construct) and Kubernetes (as a powerful platform and enabler) are rapidly transforming how companies operate. Just looking at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2019 with close to 8000 attendees and the sold out Serverless Practitioners Summit as a pre-conference event shows how strongly developers feel the need to use them together well.  … Continued

Containing Artifactory with Red Hat UBI

Making your container smaller doesn’t always make it a good fit. It has to use and work with the components your organization requires as well. Artifactory is available for DevOps as a highly configurable, distroless image that offers many benefits, including reduced size and less potential for OS-level vulnerabilities. For some, this is not enough … Continued


Artifactory Pro in Docker Easy as 1-2-3

With the new Artifactory 5.x, you can spin up an instance of Artifactory Pro in Docker in an instant! 1. On Mac or Linux, run the following command $ curl -L ‘$latest/art-compose?bt_package=art-compose’ | sudo bash 2. Point your browser to http://<server>/artifactory/ and complete the onboarding wizard. 3. Start using Artifactory! NOTE: Data volumes on the host are … Continued

Taking Docker to Production with Confidence

Many organizations developing software today use Docker in one way or another. If you go to any software development or DevOps conference and ask a big crowd of people “Who uses Docker?”, most people in the room will raise their hands. But if you now ask the crowd, “Who uses Docker in production?”, most hands … Continued