JFrog Bintray Adds Support for Conan C/C++ Repositories and Launches Conan-center Managed Central Repository.

We are very excited to announce support for Conan repositories on JFrog Bintray, the Universal Distribution Platform. Currently serving more than 2 Billion downloads per month, Bintray offers developers the fastest and most reliable way to publish and consume software releases.  In addition, JFrog will soon launch conan-center which will become the central public repository for … Continued


The C/C++ Packaging Paradigm Quandary

Should a C/C++ package manager bundle both debug and release artifacts in the same package? Some developers think so because it’s easy to work with these packages by simply changing your configuration. But other developers frown upon this paradigm claiming it is not best practice. They claim that debug and release versions should be packaged … Continued

Conan Joins JFrog, our favorite C/C++ package manager has just leaped into JFrog. This is one more great chapter in our story which began a few years ago, when JFrog products took a universal approach to provide developers the freedom of choice, using any technology they chose. With the recent addition PHP Composer, JFrog Artifactory currently supports … Continued