Monitoring and Optimizing Artifactory Performance

As Artifactory usage increases, its resources can gradually become depleted, causing hiccups or hits in performance. When usage increases, so does the importance of monitoring your system and its historical data. Monitoring usage patterns is an essential first step to optimizing Artifactory and ensuring its stability. Here, we would like to share with you some … Continued


AQL and JFrog CLI: A Match Made in Heaven

One of the big advantages of running builds using JFrog Artifactory is the exhaustive build information that is created by many sources and used within your organization. However, as your organization continues to grow, efficiently leveraging and managing this amount of data becomes critical. It is very easy to simply use up valuable storage space … Continued


Unleash the DevOps!

DevOps tools have come a long way. From virtual machines in dev and QA environments to those in production, and now Docker. The more we are charmed by the idea of hardware as a code, the crazier the things we are trying to do with it. Take the “immutable server” pattern as an example. In 2000, … Continued

Advanced Cleanup Using Artifactory Query Language (AQL)

Each Artifactory administrator has his own methodology and policies for managing binaries within Artifactory, however, cleaning artifacts and freeing up storage space is a common need that every administrator has. As you probably know, Artifactory does provide a few cleanup methods out-of-the-box such as deleting complete versions, limiting the number of snapshots and deleting unused … Continued

AQL: A Comprehensive Query Language for Repositories

One of our mantras here at JFrog is that we’re community driven. At each roadmap meeting we discuss features arising from trends in the industry along with feature requests we frequently get from the Artifactory community. AQL is just such a feature. No… nobody said, “Hey guys, why don’t you build a super efficient query … Continued