swampUP 2018: A Technical Titan of a Conference

Have you heard about swampUP?

If you’re not familiar with swampUP, then you have come to the right blog post.  I’d like to take a few minutes of your time to give you a perspective on what swampUP is, why you should go, and what you can learn.


swampUP 2018: What is it?

It’s a technically focused JFrog user conference that we host in Napa Valley, CA at the Meritage Resort and Spa, and 2018 will be our 4th consecutive year hosting this event!  Our aim is to bring together technically minded engineers, developers, architects, and those who have a passion for sharing best practices on building software in a secure and scalable manner. At swampUP, we provide the opportunity for hands-on training with JFrog products, delivered by our Senior Solution Engineers. Moreover, we provide a 2-day conference that includes external keynote speakers (this year we have speakers from AWS, Google, Uber, and more) and JFrog Executives, Technical Breakout Sessions, a Community Wine Cave reception, an amazing Gala Dinner, and a Networking afterparty all held at the Meritage Resort & Spa.  It’s an absolute must-attend event! Let me provide more detail on what you learn at swampUP – keep reading!

Hands-On Training from JFrog Experts

One of the best ways to get JFrog product training is at swampUP.  This year, we will hold a full day of training at the Culinary Institute of America (“CIA”) on May 16 including full-day and half-day classes to choose from, ranging from introductory to advanced. The most popular classes include “JFrog Artifactory from Beginner to Professional” and “Advanced DevOps Automation with Artifactory” followed by classes about distributed deployments of JFrog products, containers, security and compliance.  Classes are filling up quickly!

CNCF, Kubernetes, Helm, Cloud Native Computing

You’ll hear a lot about Cloud Native Computing at swampUP, and this year we’re excited to have Melody Meckfessel and Sam Ramji of Google Cloud and Arun Gupta of AWS share their vision on the future of Cloud Computing.  Our technical breakout sessions from Burr Sutter of RedHat and Jessica Deen of Microsoft will give you a clear picture on where the giants are moving with their Cloud Computing strategies. Want a deep dive into Kubernetes’ Helm? Don’t miss the session by Dan Garfield of Codefresh. For advanced users of Kubernetes, managing artifacts across Kubernetes clusters is a known challenge. Alena Prokharchyk of Rancher will talk about the solution. Hear a story of our own (JFrog) struggle and success with Kubernetes from Eldad Assis, an architect in the JFrog CTO office.

Enterprise-ready DevOps Tools

Another recurring topic at swampUP will include battle proof Enterprise-ready DevOps solutions. Kiran Bondalapati of Uber will talk about “Scaling DevOps: 30 engineers startup to 3000 engineers startup”.  During our breakout sessions Alexey Sokolov of Alfa Bank (the biggest privately-held bank of Russia) will share a story about their work with JFrog Artifactory REST APIs, plus you’ll hear success stories from Dell, Starz, EMC, VMware, Raytheon, Adobe, Workday, Enterprise Holdings and Capital One; and, of course, our own Ronen Levit of JFrog about their journey to Enterprise-ready DevOps.

The Future of DevOps

DevOps is here. But how fast will it become the next “Waterfall”? Chris Riley,  the editor of Sweetcode.io, will share his perspective. Corey Quinn, the Chief Editor of “This week at AWS” and Leonid Igolnik (former VP of Engineering in Taleo, Oracle and CA Technologies) will try to reassure you that if you’re not Netflix, it’s still OK to adopt DevOps. Speaking of Netflix, if you want to learn from the best, Nadav Cohen of Netflix will provide insight on DevOps scale.

More Data and Metadata Everywhere

Metadata is the key to successful management and control of your software development processes in your organization. Perhaps you’ve heard about Grafeas, the initiative for open and standardized metadata, launched by Google and JFrog? Learn more about it at swampUP during the talk from Ray Tsang and Baruch Sadogursky, Developer Advocates of Google and JFrog respectively.

IoT and bots (physical and virtual)

Interested in IoT? You should be! JFrog founders Yoav Landman and Fred Simon will share JFrog’s vision on the future of software development for IoT and more during their morning keynotes. We’ll hold a panel discussion on IoT, and Ivan Kravets, the founder of Platform IO will share his experiences on the subject. Also Odin Holmes the Embedded chair of the ISOCPP SG14 will be talking embedded development. Diego Rodriguez and Losada Gonzalez, founders of Connan.io will be in town to talk with developers about updating their CI/CD pipeline with proper versioning and control.

Don’t miss Carl Quinn of Zoox with his fascinating stories about robots and self-driving cars! And talking about robots, chatbots and ChatOps are on fire! Sessions from Jim Clark of Atomist, and Guillaume Laforge and Seth Vargo of Google will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know to automate your pipeline with chatbots. And what about voice assistants? We have that as well! Lakshmi Inbamuthiah of Capital One will get you started.


As you know the “Sec” in “DevOps” stands for security. The recent Equifax breach brought the importance of security within modern software delivery to the forefront, and swampUP will provide talks to keep you informed. One of the most important figures in DevOps, John Willis, co-author of The DevOps Handbook will speak about the “Sec” in  DevOps in his keynote. How does the U.S. Government understand what’s inside their containers? Tom Hastings of Polaris Alpha will share the experience of modernizing and securing government software delivery. Smart analysis of big data is the key for early mitigation of threats. Learn how to utilize firehose streams with Apache Kafka in a session by JFrog’s Baruch Sadogursky and Viktor Gamov of Confluent. Scanning your 3rd-party open-source dependencies for vulnerabilities is a good start, but what you really want is to fix the problems. 

But that’s not All!

swampUP will have more fascinating talks that don’t match any of the buckets above, but are still worth attending. A few examples include principles of monitoring microservices by Michael Ducy of Sysdig, a story of writing an integration between Concourse CI and Artifactory by Pivotal’s Phil Webb and Madhura Bhave, and how to DevOps if you’re a DBA by Shay Shmeltzer of Oracle (obviously!) and much, much, more!


And finally, Conan! The emerging de facto standard in the world of C/C++ dependency management has a conference within a conference at swampUP! If you, or your colleagues write native code, don’t miss the 90-minute roadmap discussion with the founders of Conan, Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez and Luis Martínez de Bartolomé and a full day of Conan sessions.

See the full agenda.