JFrog CRO Tali Notman Honored as Woman of Influence by Silicon Valley Business Journal

True leaders are passionate, go-getters and, ultimately, caring individuals who inspire and help their teams thrive and lead in the market. Tali Notman, JFrog’s chief revenue officer and my partner-in-crime, not only exemplifies these qualities but inspires all of us to live them. 

I am thrilled to announce that Tali has been recognized as one of this year’s most influential women by the Silicon Valley Business Journal with its prestigious Women of Influence award. For more than a decade, the publication has bestowed this annual award on 100 women business leaders, and I am excited that Tali received this well-deserved honor.

Based here in our Sunnyvale, California, office, Tali has been with JFrog for more than 10 years. JFrog’s sixth employee, she joined as director of sales in October 2010, became vice president of sales in 2015 and was promoted to chief revenue officer in January 2019. 

We work in an industry in which men continue to dominate technology sales. In fact, women comprise only 25% of tech industry salespeople. Therefore, this honor shows how talented executives like Tali can break this barrier in the tech industry. 

As the first sales representative in the company, Tali has successfully developed JFrog’s go-to market strategy — focused on the user journey and community/customer experience — and built our sales team across the world. Her winning game plan, focused on developing an inbound sales funnel and relying on product-led sales’ motion, has proven successful for JFrog both in terms of customer acquisition and retention, as well as enabling efficient growth and a healthy business. 

Under Tali’s leadership, JFrog has expanded to 10 countries and established a global sales team in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region (APAC). 

Tali helped JFrog grow from zero customers to more than 6,000 customers — included among them are the majority of the Fortune 100 and the top 10 companies in every industry — and from a small startup into a publicly traded company!

Further, the company has evolved its offering from one product — JFrog Artifactory — to six solutions offered in an integrated, end-to-end DevOps Platform — all with Tali’s leadership at the helm as part of the core executive team. 

Finally, as part of her leadership approach of “working as one team,” JFrog has better-aligned business units across product, support and marketing, and this strategy has contributed to the success of our sales team and to the success and happiness of our customers. We look forward to growing our talent to build on these achievements and values.

Tali has shown tenacity and heart as she has crafted a winning vision for sales success at JFrog. To Tali, “failure is simply not an option,” and she’s always remained focused on results and the success of JFrog. 

As a fellow woman, and a fellow Frog, I’m proud to have in our company’s management an inspiring woman of influence and couldn’t be happier that she has received this honor. At JFrog, where women make up 50% of management, Tali contributes to a unique atmosphere of winning together as a team. The DNA and culture of our team is a competitive advantage for JFrog — and Tali has a lot to do with instilling this culture! We’re proud to see that each Frog holds a strong team spirit, drive and winning attitude. This is how we got to where we are, and how we continue to grow and innovate. It is not surprising when her statement is “Be a winner, stay humble.”