Bay Area Best Workplace: Challenge, Change, and Gratitude in a Disruptive Year

We are honored to be recognized by The San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Journal as a “Best Place to Work.” A great place to work doesn’t happen by accident. It is intentional and well-thought-out. From the physical offices themselves to the qualities that we look for in new hires to determine if they are a good cultural fit for us, being a best workplace takes planning. At JFrog, we empowered our employees to write a codex that serves as our North Star about the values that shape JFrog’s company culture and an (our) ideal workplace.

People First: Our Employees Make Us Great

Speaking of employees, the “Bay Area Best Place to Work” recognition would not be possible without our employees. The people that make up our organization (not just locally in the Bay Area, but throughout our global offices as well) are JFrog’s greatest asset and they proved it as such in the last year. As CHRO for JFrog, I can attest to the importance of a people-first culture. When we recruit employees, we not only look for the professional fit, we look for a cultural fit as well, for people that contribute towards JFrog being a great place to work. The right hires are not just something that applies to how we do business, but is the foundation in which we operate and build success internally.


The year 2020 was one unlike any we’ve seen in our lifetime. COVID-19 has presented us all challenges and disruptions on multiple levels both at home and work. At work, companies were faced with complete office closures that forced entire workforces to all of a sudden have to work from home. JFrog employees were agile, flexible, prepared for anything, and adapted to the new normal of remote work quite seamlessly. With the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, we learned how to adapt to our circumstances—extreme as they were –to ensure not just business continuity and growth, but also the morale, motivation, and spirit of our employees.

Thriving During Disruption

Our strong company culture, employee engagement, and our leadership saw us through. We thrived in an extremely disruptive year–we went public and completed a successful IPO during this past year, and continued to grow the business as well as growing our employee-base significantly. With the shift to remote work, our operations, IT, and HR teams kicked into high gear to ensure that our now work-from-home employees had everything they needed to be happy and effective in their new environment. We gave a stipend to every employee to purchase office furnishings that would improve their home office so they could be comfortable and productive, as well as a stipend for home internet. New hires were made to feel welcome as well and received assorted JFrog swag to their homes- such as T-shirts, backpacks, and a copy of our codex to initiate them into our company culture. 

In recognizing that the new normal of working from home along with the challenges of coping with a global pandemic could be mentally exhausting and intense, we also enacted a policy to give employees a day off once a month to rest, regroup and recharge their batteries. 

The Best Places to Work distinction for the past year is a great achievement. Thanks to our strong company culture that isn’t just limited to a physical office, but is in our mindset and spirit, we were still deemed by our employees as a “best place to work” in 2020. Even in difficult times, JFrog was seen as a “best” by our employees and for that, we are filled with immense gratitude and pride for this recognition.

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