• Save time by fixing only the CVEs that are exploitable with Container Contextual Analysis
  • Eliminate exposed secrets, IaC security issues, OSS library & services misuse before you deploy
  • Fast remediation with developer friendly step-by-step mitigation
  • Enhanced software composition analysis automation across your software development pipeline
  • And more…

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JFrog Booth

| April 24-27, 2023, Moscone South, Booth #4102

Exciting demos, 1:1 deep dive technical sessions, guidance on how to be successful with your JFrog Security implementation, plus limited JFrog swag. Pick up our security research data report and join us for Happy Hour in our booth on Monday, April 24, 2023!

Join Sharan Hiremath, Senior Product Manager, JFrog Security for an informative session on

“Why Software Binaries are the Core of Securing your Software Supply Chain.” | April 26, 2023, Briefing Center South, 2:40-3:00pm PSTOrganizations of all sizes are challenged to keep software up-to-date and secure, while operating at the speed of business, particularly when development teams are globally distributed, which can result in a lack of standardization and gaps in visibility. Currently, there is a lack of standardization of software release processes within organizations, which increases the level of customization required by engineering and platform teams, hampers efforts to track performance, and raises the likelihood of introducing nefarious code at various stages of the build process.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • DevOps best practices and consistency: Standardized and repeatable release processes that vastly improve governance and create new levels of uniformity.
  • Improved software security: Shift left security using scanning at each step of the software development lifecycle and signed releases to provide confidence in the quality and stability of each release.
  • Automated traceability metrics for improved efficiency: Easily see the status of release candidates to track how long it takes to advance a software binary from build to production, where bottlenecks exist, and the quality of releases initiated versus releases deployed.

Attendees will then be able to increase velocity, identify areas for process improvement, and make security an integral part of the software supply chain so companies can quickly improve value streams with confidence.

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