[Case Study] Before and After JFrog Bintray: Automating Package Distribution

Automating Software Package Distribution using JFrog Bintray

UPDATE: As of May 1, 2021 Bintray services will no longer be available (ConanCenter and JCenter are not affected) for more information read the Centers Deprecation Blog


Distributing large amounts of software packages? Interested in automating your distribution process? JFrog Bintray can help you make it happen.

This case study will take you through James Ward’s personal journey of developing an automated process for on-demand deployments of WebJars, that are created, distributed and available within the community. His WebJars project was made possible using JFrog Bintray’s extensive and easy-to-use REST APIs.

Realizing that his manual efforts to deploy WebJars during his free time were unrealistic to maintain in the long run, using Bintray’s extensive REST API, Ward developed an automated way for contributors to make WebJars available to the community on demand using JCenter, Bintray’s public Maven repository.

Download the case study to learn how James Ward, Engineering and Open Source Ambassador at Salesforce.com, chose Bintray to scale thousands of WebJar Files.