Fast Forward with swampUP 2020: The Premier, Virtual DevOps Community Experience

swampUP 2020 Online

TL;DR – Just Register & Attend swampUP Online

This year, JFrog’s annual swampUP DevOps user conference is online, making it more accessible to everyone! With two virtual events in two different time zones, swampUP Online will feature two days packed with everything you need to fast forward your DevOps skills.  2020 has shown us that you can never be too prepared for the direction the world is headed, and now more than ever it is important to be fluid in development.


The mission of this year’s conferences is two-fold: educating the developer community on DevOps best practices, and practical training to better prepare for the challenges of remote work and agile teams. Our stellar line up of speakers will share their knowledge on various topics with the goal of helping the community “Fast Forward” their DevOps practices. This virtual event is conveniently being held in the Americas time zone June 23 – 24 (PDT) and in the EMEA time zone June 30 – July 1 (CET).

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Proceeds Donated to COVID-19 Research

While our attendees are fast forwarding their education and skill set, we are all working together to fast forward a cure for Covid-19. All conference registration proceeds will be donated to Covid-19 charities. with your attendance we can all make a difference together!

Ok, now that we’ve discussed the mission of swampUP Online let’s talk CONTENT!!! Here are some of the industry leading professionals speaking at swampUP.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Co-CEO, Launchable, Inc., and creator of Jenkins
John Willis
Vice President of DevOps and digital practices, RedHat
Wayne Chatelain
Wayne Chatelain
Senior manager of software engineering, Capital One
Jessica Deen
Azure Avenger

DevOps Speakeasy Podcast SwampUP special

JFrog developer advocate, Kat Cosgrove, and head of developer advocacy, Baruch Sadogursky recently hosted an all-about-swampUP special DevOps Speakeasy podcast. Kat shared her fascination with disaster stories and selected the top sessions she is super excited about. Here is a snippet of Kat’s recommendations.

* Don’t think you’ll be able to make your favorite session? don’t worry, attendees will have access to session recordings following the event, making sure that you don’t have to be in two places at once.

Chris Short
Lessons Learned from Cloud Migration: Planning is Everything by Chris Short of the Ansible team at Red Hat.
Learn all about the things that can catastrophically go wrong when moving to the cloud and how to avoid them.
Robert Reeves
It’s Time to Automate Your Database Schema Changes by Robert Reeves of Liquibase.
Channeling her inner geek, Kat can’t wait to learn more about SQL. With the majority of databases in the world being SQL, Baruch reminds us how important this topic is. There’s even a chapter about it in the book he co-authored, Liquid Software.
Dan Lorenc
Open Source is Under Attack by Dan Lorenc, Google engineer.
According to Symantec, supply chain attacks are up 78% and container images have become increasingly susceptible to hiding compromised code. Dan is going to help you learn how to protect yourself from common attacks and how you can work towards rooting out the problem.
Ant(on) Weiss
Managing Chaos – Software Delivery in a Decentralized World by Ant(on) Weiss.
“The more we try to smooth things over the more complicated our systems actually get,” said Kat. Learn how to accommodate all the changes and layers that come with working with legacy to current age deployment formats.
Kat Cosgrove
Updating the Edge by Kat Cosgrove herself.
In her talk, you’ll learn about the challenges of designing an efficient, scalable, and reliable solution for updating the software on edge devices. Kat will also share more about how she and her team built a scale model of a self-driving car to take software updates on a car from several hours to just minutes.

Summing up

The many twists and turns that happen throughout the development lifecycle can be carefully maneuvered through preparation, practice and creating a strong DevOps team. Join us and our amazing lineup of speakers at swampUP Online 2020 so we can help get you and your team the tools they need to be successful. Together, we can learn how to work smarter while helping the world tackle Covid-19. Two events, two underlying missions, one low price ticket that gets donated to charity – see you at swampUP Online!

*If you made it this far, I have a bonus for you – DM me @lorilorusso for a chance to score a free ticket! This is your reward for reading about all the great content swampUP online has in store!