Your Enterprise Grade Helm Chart Repository with JFrog Artifactory!

JFrog Artifactory support for Helm Chart Repositories

With the 5.8 version release, JFrog Artifactory now natively supports Helm Chart Repositories, giving you full control of your deployment process to Kubernetes – the leading open-source orchestration platform for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

JFrog fully supports deploying Artifactory to your Kubernetes cluster to serve as a universal repository manager for all your CI/CD needs wherever they are running in your organization.

Artifactory lets you host internal Helm Charts using local repositories. This means that you’re not dependent on the network performance between your datacenter and any external Helm repositories, such as the official public Helm repository. And your performance won’t be impacted due to changes for example in Chart dependencies. Artifactory’s virtual Helm chart repository aggregates your local and remote repositories into one, giving you the ability to resolve and install Charts from a single URL.

Helm Chart Repository in JFrog Artifactory

The new Helm support offering continues to add to Artifactory’s universal binary management support, with all the benefits. Artifactory integrates with your existing ecosystem to support end-to-end binary management that overcomes the complexity of working with different software package managements systems, like Docker, NPM and Java, providing consistency to your CI/CD workflow.

Here are some additional benefits included in Artifactory’s support for Helm Charts:

  • Private Helm Repositories

  • Secure your Helm Charts with fine-grained access control according to projects or development teams.

  • Local Helm Repositories

    Calculation of metadata for Helm Charts hosted in Artifactory local repositories.

  • Remote Helm Chart Repositories

    Access to remote Helm chart repositories, in particular the Helm stable public repository and Official incubator repository, through remote repositories which provide proxy and caching functionality.

  • High Availability

    Enterprise features such as high availability, repository replication for multi-site development and different options for massively scalability storage.

In addition to Helm Chart Repository support, this Artifactory version 5.8 also enables:

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