Driving COVID-19 Research Forward: The Frog Gives Back

FrogCare COVID-19

In times of crisis and challenge, the best in humanity comes out. We all want to help, we all want to pitch in and we all desire safety and health for our loved ones and communities. And we ideally want to assist genuinely – in a way that helps others without strings attached. JFrog is no different.

Effective immediately, JFrog will be providing free DevOps technology to teams or organizations (usually nonprofit) whose projects are actively researching and fighting COVID-19 through the “FrogCare” program.*

What does FrogCare entail?


  • Access to cloud-based JFrog tools (Artifactory, Xray and Pipelines)
  • 250 GB of free storage space
  • 500 GB of free data transfer
  • 5,000 build minutes
  • You won’t get shut off – we’ll be in touch with you if you approach the usage quota
  • No time limits – you’ll have access as long as you need it
  • Support from our technical experts to streamline your processes – free of charge


FrogCare COVID-19
FrogCare COVID-19

Software is on the front lines of analyzing and developing effective treatments, testing, obtaining supplies and caring for the most vulnerable among us. Delivering solutions, updates and analysis efficiently can mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

We’re not medical professionals, but it’s our hope that as we do what we can to collectively fight this COVID-19 war, we can provide DevOps ammunition to software and delivery teams on the front lines.

You shouldn’t have to worry about software resiliency, scale, efficiency and speed. We’re proud to do what we can with FrogCare – no strings attached.

Let’s win this fight together.

*JFrog reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to deny your submission to participate in the program or revoke your access to JFrog’s systems where, in its opinion, your use of the systems is not in compliance with these terms, the terms of JFrog’s cloud EULA, or inconsistent with JFrog’s mission of helping support organizations during the COVID-19 Pandemic.