Simple Continuous Delivery

The mission of Shippable is to simplify DevOps and make it systematic with an Assembly Line platform that is heterogeneous, flexible, and provides complete visibility across your DevOps workflows.

Managing Continuous Delivery

Shippable has integrated Artifactory OSS into its cloud platform. During a build, the JFrog CLI in the Shippable config can be used to pull dependencies needed for the build from Artifactory. Once the build is complete and the CI process finishes, JAR files are pushed into the target repository in Artifactory.


Accelerate Software Innovation

The workflow required to get applications from source code to running in production is complicated and riddled with fragmented technology solutions. With Shippable and Artifactory, defragging DevOps speeds up your delivery workflow.

Streamline Continuous Delivery

The availability of a new version of the JAR triggers the rest of the continuous delivery workflow on Shippable. Every time a new version of the package is available, Shippable can deploy it to a test environment and manage the workflow to production.

Controlled Automation

Simple YAML based configuration snaps the different parts of the fragmented DevOps landscape into a coherent software delivery workflow creating custom continuous delivery pipelines.

Defragging DevOps

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