What does it mean to “shift left”? How can you scale security effectively as you do? These are growing questions corporations and developers are facing in a distributed, global economy.

Poonam Lamba, Customer Engineer at Google, reveals how DevOps teams can build and operate applications – the Google way! She’ll briefly cover a data-driven approach to speed up DevSecOps adoption for the enterprise, and also cover an end-to-end pipeline for a GCP-hosted application – all with a focus on “shifting left” on security.

Taking things a step further, Sven Ruppert, Developer Advocate at JFrog, will share best practices to enable developers to secure their applications earlier in the process, including hardening OSS dependencies, ensuring compliance, and tips for dev processes. He will explain the evolution from “DevOps” to “DevSecOps”and the business benefits and savings derived from enabling DevSecOps at scale on GCP.

In this webinar you will learn how this amazing combination of GCP and JFrog allows dynamic workflows and automated quarantine processes, continuous scanning of production artifacts, integration with the broader business, and how you can scale all of these solutions rapidly in your fast-paced environment.


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