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Addressing New Initiatives, Transformation & Modernization

and Corrective Action/Project Recovery

Formed in 2004, Ripple Group (www.ripplegroup.com) is a small and focused group of hands-on, real world experts in Technology, Product Development and Business Operations. While primary clients are Executives, Owners and Investors, we often work with leaders, direct reports and teams. Our team is able to onboard quickly and engage in projects, provide interim/fractional technology and product leadership, or be an experienced advisory resource.

With a keen ability to Synthesize, Distill and Position complex and complicated circumstances into something people understand, we typically engage by providing one of the following:

-Assessments & Recommendations: Equipped with our rich operating experience,
we come in to audit your situation and develop a set of recommendations.
-Strategy & Plans: We work with you on a strategic approach to attack your goals and
create a plan that helps assure success for operations, M&A, and more.
-Architecture, Roadmaps & Operations: When it's time to get tactical, we deliver
clean processes and steps to improve operations.
-Execution & Advisory: We can be your team in the cloud, providing interim and
fractional or services, while we stabilize your situation and help determine and deliver long-term needs.

Website: www.ripplegroup.com
Headquarters: Raleigh-Durham, NC