Cheat Sheet: Conan Made Easy

A simplified Conan cheat sheet, the C/C++ Package Manager

This handy cheat sheet gives you all the essentials you need to know about Conan, the C/C++ package manager. Including basic Conan commands and concepts.

Conan is an advanced packaging tool and dependency manager for C/C++ development. It is a free open source, decentralized and a truly multi-platform tool for creating, managing, sharing and consuming C and C++ packages.

Backed by an active OSS community, Conan is used in production by companies all around the world, with ConanCenter, a public repository, as the ultimate resource for OSS C/C++ packages. It lets you define an effective and automated DevOps process for your C/C++ projects, and efficiently manage binaries for all your platforms and configurations. It works with any build system, with built-in integrations for CMake, Visual Studio, Make/autotools and more.

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