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Press Releases
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JFrog Press Release

 JFrog Ltd. (“JFrog”) (Nasdaq: FROG), the Liquid Software company and creators of the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform, today announced it will report financial results for the second quarter on Wednesday, August 7, 2024, following the market close.

2024年 7月 10日



2024年 6月 25日



2024年 5月 29日

The JFrog Artifactory Log Streamer Integration with Datadog Flex Offers Maintenance-Free Infrastructure with Readily Accessible Utilization and Performance Insights Across the Software Stack

2024年 5月 21日

JFrog Press Release
  • Total Revenues of $100.3 million; up 26% Year-over-Year
  • Cloud Revenues up 47% in 1Q24; driven by customer usage
  • Customers with ARR Greater Than $1 million Reached 40, up 90% Year-over-Year
  • Enterprise+ Subscription Revenues Equaled $49 million; up 39% Year-over-Year 


2024年 5月 9日

JFrog speakers, alongside keynotes from GitHub and MLOps community leaders, will outline the future of software supply chain (SSC) management in the era of platform engineering, cloud-native, and AI 

2024年 5月 7日

New JFrog Artifactory integration provides developers and data scientists with an Open Source Software solution to simplify and securely accelerate ML Model development 

2024年 4月 25日

74% with High or Critical CVSS scores weren’t applicable in most common cases, but 60% of security and development teams still spend a quarter of their time remediating vulnerabilities

2024年 3月 19日

New native integration empowers organizations to deliver ML applications efficiently with end-to-end software supply chain visibility, governance, and security

2024年 2月 28日

Government Organizations are Now Able to Accelerate the Delivery of Trusted Software from End-to-End Using the Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) 

2024年 2月 20日