The Future of CI at JAX Conf

The Future of CI at JAX Conf – San Jose June, 2011
 by Fred Simon

These are exciting days for Continuous Integration users and for us – JFrog Artifactory team.

Following the successful CI Summit held in LinkedIn HQ last month, we are now heading to theSan Jose JAX Conf!
This year, for the first time, the great European JAX conference is going to the Bay Area as JAXConf.
It will be an amazing gathering for our (JFrog) ecosystem.Many players that keep pushing the limit of Continuous Development, Build, Integration and Deployment, with their tools, knowledge and case study will be there:

The current growth of CI and DevOps is really impressive! The demand is so big that a full afternoon will be dedicated to CI, “The CI Circus” as a free community event.
And there Carl Quinn from Netflix, will present the amazing platform they setup “Netflix in the Cloud”, using Jenkins and Artifactory!

A lot of amazing talks about Continuous Integration, DevOps tools, and automated ALM will be presented:

And of course, I’m looking forward to present “You Killed My Build! Prepare To Die!”, were I will demo a state-of-the-art integration between Jenkins, Gradle and Artifactory. The setup support build isolation, release staging and promotion, and simplified developers on-boarding.

Hope to see you all there!