The First Continuous Integration Summit – Video Available!

On April 7th, we held the First Continuous Integration Summit at LinkedIn HQ in the Silicon Valley.

We were overbooked a week from opening the event registration page! This enthusiastic response, in addition to the feedback we received (and still getting) from the community, illustrates the great appetite for gaining and learning more about CI technologies and methodologies.

Together with our partners from Gradleware and CloudBees, we have managed to stir up and arrange this event for all of you who use and explore Continuous Integration tools and technologies.

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the very first Continuous Integration Summit, an opportunity made possible largely thanks to LinkedIn, who hosted the event and now provides us with this video recording of the sessions:

  •  LinkedIn Case Study – present and future of LinkedIn’s codebase build
  • “Who Moved My Module?!” – Yoav Landman, JFrog CTO and Artifactory Creator
  • “Enter the Gradle – Hans Dockter, Gradleware CEO and founder
  • “Status of the Jenkins Project” – Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CloudBees architect and Jenkins Project lead


We already started planning the next CI Summit – stay tuned ….

Enjoy 😉

JFrog Team