You’re the Top Gopher! GoCenter Badges Honor Amazing Go Modules

Kudos badges for gophers


UPDATE: As of May 1, 2021 – GoCenter central repository has been sunset and all features deprecated. For more information on the sunsetting of the centers read the deprecation blog post


In the holiday spirit, we’re bringing a little cheer to the Golang community by celebrating the achievements of some noteworthy Go module authors. We’re excited to launch a new program within JFrog GoCenter that honors select “Top Gophers.” 

Using key metrics of success such as number of downloads and imports, quality metrics, and usage in GoCenter, we aim to highlight projects that we think are really helping improve software development for the Go developer community.

A Go-Go Year for Go Modules

This program marks a milestone in the rapid progress Go modules have made in the last year. As 2019 began, the new approach to Golang dependency management was still considered preliminary. As an early booster of Go modules, JFrog launched GoCenter, a public repository of immutable, versioned Go modules made freely available to the Golang developer community. 

From GoCenter’s initial launch with 45,000 Go module versions, that modest count has grown 1,000 percent to nearly 450,000 community Go module versions today!

Go Module Metrics

As Go modules have evolved so has GoCenter, with more tracking of important metrics such as the number of stars, downloads, open issues, contributors, watchers, and more. Developers can view these metrics through GoCenter using their web browser, gaining valuable information about any module they use or consider using.

Go Module Badges

Now we’ve launched GoCenter badges, to recognize within GoCenter the Go modules that have achieved a very high level of success. When a project is awarded a badge, the badge appears on the Go module info panel for that project.

To start, we’re awarding a select group of 25 projects with the first set of badges.

How did we choose those lucky recipients? By using the metrics GoCenter collects for every Go module and computing their Go module score. Using a combination of metrics that include the top 50 downloads in GoCenter and the top 50 of modules receiving the highest GoScore, the JFrog Community team hand-selected those deemed to have the most impact in the developer community this year.

Congratulations to the first recipients of a GoCenter “Top Gopher” badge!

What’s Next

Receiving a GoCenter badge means that your project will be highlighted on the GoCenter leaderboard coming in 2020, to bring attention to your achievement. You can also look forward to receiving shoutouts about your awarded project on the JFrog Twitter account! 

The JFrog GoCenter team will soon be reaching out to our first group of honored module authors who can elect to receive a celebration package from us. 

Will your project be among the next group to receive a GoCenter badge? We hope so! In the meantime, review our Go module scoring proposal to see what factors we consider in our selections. We would love to hear from you if you have thoughts on how it can be improved.

Through this program, we look forward to highlighting more great projects and engaging with the community to help spread awareness of Go modules and best practices.