Migrating from Nexus to Artifactory

Migrating from Nexus to JFrog Artifactory is very simple by using nexus2art migrator. The migrator provides a user friendly wizard like interface for transferring everything in your Sonatype Nexus instance repositories, artifacts, users, and settings to an Artifactory instance. Easy setup Migrator tool requires an initial setup (i) to connect to your Nexus and JFrog … Continued

“Database is wrong for you” and all that FUD

Update November 2015: Sonatype introduces abstract blob storage in Nexus 3, almost completely mimicking Artifactory’s checksum-based storage that they have been criticizing for years. Talk about leaders and followers. Checksum-based storage. It’s one of the key features that makes Artifactory better than the competition. Here is the typical false claim made by Sonatype (creator of … Continued

Pyramids, Antiques, Maven Central and Sonatype Nexus…

How can you compare one technology or tool to its competitors? Usually, there is no objective comparison available. So how do you know which is better? Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA? Java EE or Spring? C# or Java? All you can usually find is a holy war and biased comparisons on vendor sites. But luckily, sometimes, … Continued