4 best practices in repository configuration

1. If you are using several technologies, (e.g. Nuget, Maven, NPM, PyPi etc..) define a unique repository for each of them. By doing that you are making sure that all of the build requests are directed to the right place rather than going to a repository that may not even have the necessary packages. 2. … Continued

Continuous Integration using TFS, NuGet, and Artifactory

This blog shows how Artifactory, a binary repository manager, can be used a) as the storage location for remotely located build references, b) as a drop site for locally built CI artifacts, c) and in a future blog how it can also function as a storage and of all these binaries. For this demo we will use the MyLogger solution. … Continued

Using OneGet with Artifactory

Artifactory, OneGet, NuGet, Chocolatey, and Powershell Setup and Installations Recently there has been an enthusiastic buzz around OneGet, Microsoft’s new download manager for Powershell. With OneGet, Windows now has a first-class deployment manager quite similar to what the *inx folks had for years with the Apt-Get download manager. OneGet is a command line tools which … Continued

Dependency Management with .NET – Doing it Right

The problem of dependency management is neither new nor original, it exists in all development platforms, and .NET is no different. Let’s go through different solutions and see how they perform. I’ll list them here in no particular order. Keeping dependencies in your source control That’s a very popular solution, and for a reason. The … Continued