Secure JCenter with HTTPS

Update Jan 2020: JCenter went full HTTPS! Starting Jan 13th, any non-HTTPS requests will be denied with 403 error. Please see below what you should do to avoid build failures! Are you using Bintray JCenter to find and share public OSS JVM language packages? If so, we have some important news for you to help … Continued

The ABCs of Distributing Android Libraries

Bintray’s central repositories, JCenter and Conan-Center, are binary hubs for public OSS Maven and Conan (C++) packages respectively. They offer a great channel to distribute your public OSS packages. Having been around for a while, JCenter has become one of the most comprehensive sources for public OSS Maven packages, and is the channel-of-choice for many … Continued

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Publishing Your Maven Project to Bintray

Bintray gives you everything you need to share your Maven project, and much more: you will be able to monitor downloads and users with the statistics that Bintray keeps for you. You can also share your project via Bintray’s JCenter repository (which is the largest public Maven repository out there), and effortlessly sync it with … Continued

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Android Studio – Migration from Maven Central to JCenter

This post was originally published in Techno Talkative blog by Paresh Mayani. Feel free to comment here or there.   During the android workshop, in the office and in the chat with some of the android developers, I have received some questions around build script and repository: Why earlier versions of android studio were using … Continued

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Download stats and logs – now with deep user insights

With Live Logs and Download Logs you get much more detail regarding activity within your repositories. In addition to number of downloads, you now know exactly who is doing what, when they are doing it and from where. This can be very helpful in analyzing peaks of activity, or to direct you where to focus your marketing efforts. For example, if you know exactly who downloaded your free open-source version, you can reach out to them with propositions to upsell.

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Increase your Maven Package’s Exposure by Adding it to JCenter

If you already distribute your Maven packages via Bintray, your packages can gain further exposure by including them in Bintray’s JCenter! (if you are not very familiar with Bintray’s support for Maven, please refer to the user guide and to my previous post). JCenter is the repository with the biggest collection of Maven artifacts in … Continued

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Another one bites the Maven Central dust (and saved by Bintray)

Today, I encountered another very detailed blog post on the woes of publishing on Maven Central. Jose Maria Arranz explains why he doesn’t like Maven in general and publishing to Maven Central in particular (I am with him on a lot of valid points). I can’t help quoting: Fortunately when searching for how-to articles and commenting … Continued

4 best practices in repository configuration

1. If you are using several technologies, (e.g. Nuget, Maven, NPM, PyPi etc..) define a unique repository for each of them. By doing that you are making sure that all of the build requests are directed to the right place rather than going to a repository that may not even have the necessary packages. 2. … Continued