To Build or Not to Be – Seminar Videos

JFrog’s Continuous Integration and Build Seminar “To Build or Not to Be“, took place on July 1st, 2010 and was a big success.The sessions of Kohsuke Kawaguchi creator of Hudson and CEO of InfraDNA, and Hans Dockter creator of Gradle and CEO of Gradle Inc are now available online.Watch now the videos of “Gradle – A Better Way To Build“.and “Doing More with Hudson“   … Continued

The case study of JBoss Repository Manager

Most of the issues encountered by JBoss developers with their new build infrastructure are discussed openly here. This is an important source of information about the problems encountered with a Hudson, Maven and Sonatype-Nexus integration. Since we (JFrog) worked on Hudson, Maven, and Repository Manager environment for many years, we provided some feedbacks to JBoss.   … Continued

Empower Hudson with Artifactory – Track and Replay Your Build Artifacts

Overview In this blog, I will demonstrate how to integrate Hudson with JFrog’s Artifactory repository manager to have full build-to-artifacts traceability. We will use Artifactory plug-in to deploy the Hudson build artifacts and track them back to their original build. Keeping the history and reproducibility of code is a must-have for any modern project. Using one of the different … Continued