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Manage your Bintray and GitHub organizations better together

Bintray’s integration with GitHub is now moving to a new level with GitHub organizations! As a Bintray user who is also a GitHub user, you already know that you can import your GitHub repositories, tags, readme’s, and release notes to Bintray. Now you can also import your GitHub organizations, the organization’s repositories, and even keep … Continued

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Bintray + GitHub = Synergistic Love Story

First things first – Bintray is not a competitor of GitHub. They complete each other, not compete. Here’s how (I love vienn diagrams): Bintray is an organic next step for developing software at GitHub – once your sources are built – distribute them from Bintray. Our job is to make it as easy as possible … Continued

If You’re Not Using Git LFS, You’re Already Behind!

The popularity of the Git version control system among developers has grown consistently over the last few years, with many Subversion users making the switch to Git’s ‘file system snapshot’ approach, which differs from the ‘file change logging’ approach of classic VCS software. Git’s Little Problem – Large Files However, Git was originally meant to … Continued

Taking Control of App Releases

Featuring report “Release Management for Enterprises“, by RebelLabs Today’s software users have rapidly evolving needs, are mobile, and expect 24/7 connectivity and reliability. So dev teams need to churn out new features and versions frequently to keep up while still making sure that service is not interrupted. Sounds like a tall order, but fail to … Continued

Artifactory User Plugins in 5 Screenshots or Less

Actually, less (only 4).Remember the blog post about user plugins? How easy and fast is it to add or change functionality in Artifactory? When you went skeptic, like “come on, it’s nice in the blog post, but how useful it really is?” Here’s real live example from today:This morning (~09:30 AM in Netanya, Israel) I found … Continued