The Future of CI at JAX Conf

The Future of CI at JAX Conf – San Jose June, 2011 by Fred SimonThese are exciting days for Continuous Integration users and for us – JFrog Artifactory team.Following the successful CI Summit held in LinkedIn HQ last month, we are now heading to theSan Jose JAX Conf!This year, for the first time, the great European JAX conference … Continued

Thinking in Gradle!

Since my first encounter with Gradle and Hans Dockter (TSSJS 2009 in Las Vegas), I slowly (but surely) started to use this new build tool in many environment and projects.Today, I’m hooked and I don’t think there is a better way to build!But, the main issue I encountered is how to convince other that Gradle is the … Continued

The case study of JBoss Repository Manager

Most of the issues encountered by JBoss developers with their new build infrastructure are discussed openly here. This is an important source of information about the problems encountered with a Hudson, Maven and Sonatype-Nexus integration. Since we (JFrog) worked on Hudson, Maven, and Repository Manager environment for many years, we provided some feedbacks to JBoss.   … Continued

The one that talks, the one that does!

The one that talks, the one that does! In a blog “Why Putting Repositories in your POMs is a Bad Idea“, Sonatype “asked” the open source community to manage their Maven2 POM file correctly.This is a good and important request, since Maven will not work correctly: Over time (due to URL changes) In a closed … Continued

Maven and JavaFX, the story of TwitterFX POM

JavaOne demo Our JavaOne 2009 technical presentation TS-4388 is a demo integrating Maven, JavaFX, Artifactory and WebStart in one smooth process for the developer and site operation manager. So, we were looking for a nice JavaFX demo with source code using external Java dependencies that will demonstrate the ease of use of Maven when using Java libraries. … Continued

Lists and Contextual Menus, MMI nightmare!

I’m more of a “server side” kind of developer.When I see too much HTML, CSS and Javascript, I need pills!Still, I like to challenge the MVC architecture of UI frameworks. I even wrote my own web framework for fun (but some poor developers, in India I think, are now suffering from it), and played with … Continued