AQL and JFrog CLI: A Match Made in Heaven

One of the big advantages of running builds using JFrog Artifactory is the exhaustive build information that is created by many sources and used within your organization. However, as your organization continues to grow, efficiently leveraging and managing this amount of data becomes critical. It is very easy to simply use up valuable storage space … Continued


JFrog CLI Offers Fully Reproducible Builds For All

One of the big advantages of running builds through Artifactory is that it stores exhaustive build information generated by the different plugins used with common build tools. This is the “Bill of Materials” that lets you fully reproduce any build even if it has already been deployed to production. It includes everything from artifact versions … Continued

JFrog CLI Working Files From Both Ends

Since JFrog CLI was introduced about a year ago, its popularity has skyrocketed in the CI community. When we asked our users what they liked most about JFrog CLI, the message we got back was clear: Simple, Native, Efficient. Simple: It’s simple and intuitive to use, and onboarding only takes a few minutes. Native: It’s … Continued

Artifactory Command Line Interface (CLI) – Pure and Simple

Since writing this post, Artifactory CLI has evolved into JFrog CLI that works with both Artifactory and Bintray. I encourage you to read this follow-up post to learn about the power of the JFrog CLI when working with Artifactory, and then read the follow-up post to learn about the great things you can do with JFrog … Continued

JFrog CLI (mb)ing to New Heights

Remember Artifactory CLI? That was the tool we released several months ago to simplify your automation scripts while optimizing upload and download of files to and from Artifactory. Well, after hundreds of downloads and a lot of great feedback we got, we decided “what’s good for Artifactory, is good for Bintray too.” So please meet… … Continued