5 Best Practices for GoLang CI/CD

For developers programming in long-established languages like Java, JavaScript or Python, the best way to build continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows with Artifactory is pretty familiar. A mature set of dependency management systems for those languages and container solutions like Docker provide a clear roadmap. But if you’re programming your applications in GoLang, … Continued


A Cloud Platform for Defragging Devops

Many software organizations see DevOps as the silver bullet that will streamline their delivery workflow to help them produce software faster than ever before. So they start looking into the tools they will need, and then reality hits like a jab to right cheek. It starts with source control, goes on to CI/CD systems and … Continued

Continuous Integration using TFS, NuGet, and Artifactory

This blog shows how Artifactory, a binary repository manager, can be used a) as the storage location for remotely located build references, b) as a drop site for locally built CI artifacts, c) and in a future blog how it can also function as a storage and of all these binaries. For this demo we will use the MyLogger solution. … Continued

2014: A Year of Revolution in Continuous Integration

  This note isn’t just a recap of 2014, it is our commitment to the future! 2014 was a crucial year for the development and DevOps world – an explosive inflection point with vendors integrating tools to capture and pass information from development to operations to automate the entire application delivery process. The industry hasn’t … Continued