Next Is Now - swampUP 2023 wrap up

Release with Trust or Die.
Key swampUP 2023 Announcements

Every year, JFrog brings the DevOps community and some of the world’s leading corporations together for the annual swampUP conference, aimed at providing real solutions to developers and development teams in practical ways to prepare us all for what’s coming next. Since the inception of swampUP – and truthfully since the creation of Artifactory – …

Get Ready for Next. swampUP 2023

Get Ready for Next.
Put DevOps, DevSecOps, and AI to Work.

Our community has always had a “next.” There was the dawn of the computer age, when “next” meant that processing didn’t take up an entire room. There was the “next” of personal computing. Next came laptops, the internet, microservices, cloud-native, cybersecurity, automation and more. The thing that is next is always right around the corner …