Recapping the First Yalla DevOps 2019

Yalla DevOps Conference Recap

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Yalla DevOps made a grand entrance! and for those of you who didn’t make it this time, or those of you who just want a recap, here are the highlights from the event. From an expert panel to a live broadcast by Alan Shimel (Founder, CEO & Editor-In-Chief of, there was a lot going on. The main themes across keynotes and talks were centered around the community, all about introducing change, shifting left and the importance of enhancing people processes.

The Liquid Software Vision

Opening the conference was Shlomi Ben Haim, JFrog Founder and CEO. Excited to welcome everyone to the new JFrog Yalla DevOps conference. Speaking of the inevitable need in the market for all companies to become DevOps companies throughout all industries, including: healthcare, politics, social interaction, food & water, transportation, and energy. In his “Fast Forward Automation” keynote talk, he stated:

At JFrog we believe that software updates should be seamless. The authentic need for: faster and secure processes. Like water running through pipes, in the world of liquid software, we want to make sure that this is a version-free world.

— Shlomi Ben Haim, JFrog Founder and CEO

Talks Highlights

From machine learning to cyber hygiene, Yalla DevOps presented three tracks with many talks to choose from. Including Cloud Native / Containers, DevSecOps and CI/CD. Here’s a summary of a few highlight talks.

DevOps’ Seven Deadly Diseases

Using his vast experience in the DevOps world, John Willis, co-author of The DevOps Handbook, describes his personal experiences consulting organizations on what’s really going on in their DevOps teams. While going through how he uncovers these seven diseases in organizations, Willis talks about his process of finding out how people work and the clear patterns that he recognizes.

John Willis at Yalla DevOps 2019
John Willis at Yalla DevOps 2019

You can’t Lean, Agile, SAFE, DevOps or even SRE your way around a bad organizational culture.

 — John Willis, Founder, Botchagalupe

Many Changes, Little Fun: It’s time to measure the value of DevOps

Anton Weiss, Software Delivery Futurist, focused his insightful talk on the 12 DevOps flow metrics. He asked questions like does DevOps really work and is it worth the hype? and encouraged continuous flow by making software releases stress free.

Anton Weiss at Yalla DevOps 2019
Anton Weiss at Yalla DevOps 2019

DevOps was supposed to make us calmer, to lower our stress levels. But has it?

 — Anton Weiss, Software Delivery Futurist, Otomato

T-Shaped DevOps: Security is everyone’s responsibility

Talking about the human perspective of DevOps, Jayne Groll, co-founder and CEO of the DevOps Institute, presented the many responsibilities today’s developers have, encouraging the ability to be expandable and curious. One of the main topics presented was what it means to be a T-Shaped Professional, broadening your knowledge with just enough skills to help you.

Jayne Groll at Yalla DevOps 2019
Jayne Groll at Yalla DevOps 2019

What skills do you want to add to the top of your T?

 — Jayne Groll, CEO, DevOps Institute

From Zero to DevOps Superhero: The Container Edition

Jessica Deen’s hands-on session showed how even though there is a contradiction in challenges between developer and operation teams, understanding each other can enable working together towards a shared common goal. Setting value as a common goal. Comparing containers to waffles, she explained how containers are just a delivery system for value to your customers. Her deep dive demo included Kubernetes best practices, showing how to keep the process super simple.

Jessica Deen at Yalla DevOps 2019

It doesn’t matter what tools you use. We need to ask ourselves what makes us provide value to our customers.

 — Jessica Deen, Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Expert Panel Discussion: Will DevOps last forever?

Led by Baruch Sadogursky 🎩 our panel of experts talked about the past, present and future of DevOps. Our achievements and failures, where we are headed, challenges and trends, coming together as a giant community to grow and learn from each other. They all agreed that we are just getting started, laying the important foundations for the future of this rapidly growing industry. This is the time to move forward with this digital transformation, stay agile and flexible with new knowledge.

Expert Panel Discussion at Yalla DevOps 2019

Talking about the future of DevOps from different perspectives: big and small, consumer and vendor, security and business. 

— Baruch Sadogursky (Head of Developer Relations, JFrog)
John Willis (Founder, Botchagalupe)
Rona Segev Gal (Founding Partner, TLV Partners)
Yoav Landman (CTO and Co-Founder, JFrog)
Jessica Deen (Senior Cloud Advocate, Microsoft)

Ignite Talks

The series of 5-minute presentation were full of new ideas, based on real experiences, and just enough to get everyone thinking. Topics included: what to do when approaching max number of entities in your database, automating a heap dump analysis process, and even one about what it takes to be a conference bum. There was a lot of potential for talks within the ignite speakers for full talks next year.

Excited about talking? Keep a lookout for next year’s CFP!

Yalla! See you next year. All videos from the event will be available soon.

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