Make DevSecOps So: Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS Marketplace

JFrog is pleased to announce that our comprehensive Cloud Enterprise+ plan is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. JFrog Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS is a universal, highly-available SaaS offering of the JFrog Platform for demanding DevSecOps at global scale. 

Its Mission: DevSecOps at Enterprise Scale

The JFrog Platform is built for start-to-finish, “one-stop DevSecOps” acceleration. Providing the most complete set of JFrog solutions, Cloud Enterprise+ enables your organization to easily build, manage, control, secure, monitor, and distribute your end-to-end DevSecOps release bundles across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures.

The availability of Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS Marketplace marks the fourth JFrog SaaS plan available on AWS Marketplace, reinforcing the depth of the JFrog relationship with AWS.

Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS includes all these SaaS components of the JFrog Platform:

Explore New Worlds of Security and Speed

Running Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS benefits from ready access to secure and scalable AWS services like EC2, ECS, and EKS. JFrog and AWS provide businesses with solutions and tools to help accelerate your software development to innovate and deliver their offerings ahead of the competition. 

Purchasing Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS marketplace takes only a few clicks of your mouse. You can either search the AWS marketplace for “jfrog cloud enterprise” or go directly to the JFrog Cloud Enterprise+ marketplace offering.

Just click Continue to Subscribe, then subscribe from within your AWS account. Within the span of a few minutes, your Cloud Enterprise+ service will be available.

Once your service begins, your business will be billed using your existing purchase agreement for AWS. No need to request a new purchase order for your department; when you sign up through AWS marketplace, your subscription for Cloud Enterprise+ is paid through your AWS account.

With a JFrog Cloud plan, you can leave most of the complicated setup choices to us. We’ll provide a robust, always-available configuration of the JFrog Platform that scales with you as your demands grow.

Boldly Go on AWS

JFrog is the trusted leader in universal, hybrid, end-to-end DevOps automation tools, helping the world’s leading organizations to deliver their software updates automatically and continuously like fast-flowing liquid from start to finish. Organizations trust JFrog solutions to detangle and unify the cloud pipelines they deploy and run on AWS for each step of their continuous delivery operations.

Now is the time to begin your trek to Cloud Enterprise+ on AWS Marketplace!