Leap into the Universe of Fearless Updates

JFrog Enterprise+ Platform

Most of us work in a modern company whose  survival depends, amongst other things, on how quickly we can release and update software. One might argue that this is only true for technology companies, but in reality, whether you are a financial, retail, manufacturer or healthcare company, you’re probably developing software to maintain your products, websites, mobile apps and more.

To maintain a competitive edge, companies need to continuously develop new capabilities, quickly fix bugs and issues so as not to lose traffic, while rapidly resolving any security vulnerabilities. But creating new versions of software to manage these issues is only half the story. Once a software update has gone through all the development stages and is ready to be released to the world, you need a way to deliver that software to the compute edge – all those users, servers and devices that need the software updates – and it needs to easy, automated, and secure.

The newly introduced JFrog Enterprise+ platform is the complete solution for covering all the steps involved in creating a secure, trustworthy, and traceable software release in a multi-site development environment. It is powered by the best of JFrog offerings with new innovative elements that work in conjunction with source code version control, and continuous integration and deployment tools.

Top 5 DevOps challenges

Let’s review some of the main challenges that DevOps managers tackle today.

1. Polyglot programming and multiple disparate tools and technologies

The many of players in the market, together with multiple software solutions, provide a multitude of possibilities. You want to pick and choose the ones that best meet your business needs, but each technology may have a different interface, REST API and its own package format. The only way to support these tools is to be versatile by going universal in how you manage your artifact lifecycle from creation to deployment.

Manages artifacts and their dependencies in a highly-available, scalable repository, acting as a universal DevOps database for types of binaries, Artifactory is the de facto Kubernetes Registry for cloud-native applications. Read More>

2. Managing users and permissions across products, across sites and across continents

Companies are getting bigger, using more products and getting more dispersed across multiple sites and across continents. The companies’ users need access to all of these products from wherever they may be, and managing permissions and access control around this global ecosystem can get extremely complex. Wouldn’t it be great if users could sign in just once, anywhere, and then have just the right access privileges everywhere?

Provides a common authentication and authorization infrastructure for all JFrog products to manage security entities. With the launch of JFrog Enterprise+, JFrog Access can be used to federate different JFrog services into a single “circle of trust” and allow single-sign-on to all products connected to an Access service.   Read More>

3. Keeping the software delivery pipeline secure

To achieve confidence to promote your binaries to production, you need to be able to trust your artifacts at every stage of the CI/CD pipeline. This is because we know that vulnerabilities can be introduced at any stage of the development cycle.

Increases trust in software releases while satisfying DevSecOps policies by continuously scanning binaries. Deep dependency analysis keeps binary artifacts free of security vulnerabilities and compliance issues while  building a detailed impact graph.    Read More>

4. Keeping the pipeline efficient and free of bottlenecks

Bottlenecks and inefficiencies can turn up nearly anywhere in the pipeline, but currently, there is no way to identify where they are. DevOps managers need a way to gain insight into the pace of their delivery process and discover where and why processes are slowing down so they know how to achieve an efficient pipeline.

Exposes metrics and analytics of the software release flow, from the code repository to the deployment and orchestration tool, to improve time-to-market and measurable ROI.    Read More>

5. Secure and trusted distribution of binaries to the compute edge

A main concern relates to releasing the right binary to the right end-point in a secure and efficient manner. Currently, most companies use proprietary solutions which are neither robust nor secure, and are hard to maintain.

Empowers DevOps to quickly and reliably distribute immutable software releases to remote sites from deployment to production, and to verify the authenticity of a release.    Read More>

Fearless updates from code to production

JFrog Enterprise+ fundamentally changes three aspects of your IT decision-making with respect to DevOps, all of which unlocks the ability for your company to address the challenges described above.

  • Speed
    Accelerate your release cycle by managing and tracing artifacts all the way from build to deployment
  • Security
    Secures your DevOps lifecycle by reinforcing security standards of artifacts at all stages of the release and distribution process
  • Efficiency
    Optimizes your CI/CD pipeline by providing actionable data about your software development and delivery process

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