Leap Deep with Us into swampUP

Every year, for the past four years, JFrog has hosted the DevOps community at the annual DevOps conference. It is the premier event where you go to learn all about DevOps best practices from world-renowned companies. This year we’ve added a full-day training course and the possibility to get a JFrog stamp of approval with our new certification program.

For the 2019 edition of swampUP, we’ve chosen to come to the birthplace of Ghirardelli chocolate, San Francisco (ah, the fun facts we know!). From June 17 to 19, the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco will transform to a DevOps heaven. We may not serve chocolates but this will be a pretty sweet event with industry experts, and the opportunity to network with your peers. We have quite the experience planned for you, so if you’re wondering why you should attend please read on!


A conference without a good keynote wouldn’t be much of a conference, and this year we have some great speakers lined up. I’m really excited that Nicole Forsgren, Former CEO at DORA and now at Google, will join us on Tuesday to shed some light on how DevOps can work if you do it right. On Wednesday we have a special panel of highly respected experts, like Aaron Schlesinger and Andy Glover, discussing how you can move forward with communities. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the JFrog executives that will discuss the exciting future of JFrog and the trends we see in the DevOps world, and a few exciting guest speakers I can’t share too much about right now.


If you’re like me and love to talk to people, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve not only thought about the daytime events. On both Monday and Tuesday our amazing sponsors, IBM and AWS, will host a reception so you can get to know your fellow attendees. On Tuesday, we also have our gala dinner which will feature a special guest! From my, and our, experience I know how awesome it is to get to talk to the people on stage. Because of that, we’ll have a special discussion zone after each session where the presenters will be to answer any questions you have.


New this year, is that we’ll have four separate tracks during the conference days. This year’s sessions are divided into Enterprise DevOps, DevSecOps, Cloud Native DevOps, and DevOps in IoT to make sure that no matter what your preference is, you’ll have a great conference. I want to share with you some of my personal favorite sessions in these tracks.

Enterprise DevOps

With a very smart person saying that all companies will be DevOps companies by 2020, the Enterprise DevOps track has some astounding sessions. One of Google’s Developer Advocates, Seth Vargo, will talk about Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and the many questions that raises. Is DevOps dead? Can I adopt DevOps and SRE at the same time? Two amazing questions I hope I can get an answer to from Seth. The Director of Developer Relations at Crunchy Data, Steve Pousty, will demonstrate how easy and straightforward it is to run the JFrog set of products, together with PostgreSQL, in Kubernetes in a highly available setup. On Wednesday we have GitHub Solution Engineer Johannes Nicolai how non-hipsters (his words, not mine) can do DevOps and Dependency Management. In his talk, he’ll go over the Conan and show us how to build an app using a few Cloud-Native technologies.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that security is a hot topic at swampUP this year. Kicking off the DevSecOps track, we have one of my favorite authors, John Willis, talking about the seven malpractices of DevOps and focus on Security and Compliance Theater. Later that day, we’ll have Anastasiia Voitova, Product Engineer in Security and Cryptography at Cossack Labs, walking us through how we should build our microservices in a way that prevents security incidents from happening from the outset.

Cloud-Native DevOps

Speaking of Cloud-Native, that will be the fourth track at swampUP this year. On Tuesday we’ll have Sascha Bates, Solutions Architect at Slalom Build, and yours truly go over how duct-tape and strings will help you continuously deliver software in a serverless environment. On Wednesday we’ll have Nathaniel Schutta, Software Architect at Pivotal, talk about how you evolve to be Cloud-Native. If you’re curious about how to take legacy apps to the cloud and where and when to use microservices, this is definitely the right session for you. I’m very excited to say that this year we have DevOps superstar Jessica Deen returning to guide us from DevOps zero to DevOps superhero. Knowing Jessica a bit, you can expect a deeply detailed session on microservices, containers, and Kubernetes.

DevOps in Internet of Things

This year we have some very exciting sessions on the ever-growing Internet of Things. In his session titled “Leveraging Robot Data in Autonomous Vehicle Development”, Zoox Software Architect, Carl Quinn will talk about how robot data is different than your typical server log data, and how Zoox turns that into their benefit. We’ll also be joined by Alena Prokharchyk, Engineering Manager at Rancher, who will talk about the lightest fully-compliant Kubernetes distribution, K3s. At just 40 megabytes and no external dependencies, it’s a great fit for the edge. One session I’m particularly looking forward to is from Eystein Stenberg, CTO and Founder of Mender.io. In his session, From Developer to Device with OTA Updates, he’ll discuss his view on Liquid Software by how Mender.io created a complete end-to-end loop from source code to device. This will speed up development a lot because entire builds can now be tested and, even more excitingly, devices can be updated over-the-air without getting them back to your shop floor.

As excited as I am with the incredible line-up of speakers we have, I couldn’t list them all here. If you’re curious about the entire agenda, check our swampUP website. If you want to join us, leap over to the swampUP page. As always, if you have any questions or comments you can leave them here or drop me a note on Twitter. Better yet, let me know in person when you’re at swampUP!