Joyful DevOps is Here: Introducing the JFrog DevOps Platform

Unity is strength. And at JFrog, we’re committed to providing the strongest DevOps tools available. 

With the promised release of the JFrog DevOps Platform, it’s my honor and delight to announce JFrog’s biggest leap yet toward fulfilling our universal vision of Liquid Software. We’re excited and proud to launch the world’s first universal, hybrid, end-to-end DevOps platform.

Powered by the award-winning JFrog Artifactory artifact repository manager, the unified JFrog Platform brings all JFrog products under an advanced, all-in-one, end-to-end experience for “one-stop DevOps.” 

I’m equally excited to introduce the availability of JFrog Pipelines, our new solution for centralized, cloud-native DevOps pipeline automation and orchestration. The frogs have been working for over 12 months to blend Shippable’s CI/CD tool into the JFrog Platform following the successful acquisition. With this powerful addition, the JFrog Platform enables binary/package management, DevSecOps, CI/CD, and software distribution solutions through a single, unified experience and enables Continuous Software Release Management flow.

JFrog DevOps Platform

Powered by Artifactory

For over a decade, JFrog has spearheaded DevOps trends, starting with Artifactory as the world’s first universal artifact repository. That industry standard-setting tool remains at the heart of the JFrog Platform, to provide a trusted, traceable source of truth for all your builds.

Artifactory remains the only DevOps solution supporting all major package types — more than two dozen and counting. And it continues to provide the key features you’ve come to rely on, including integrations with the most popular tools, open REST APIs, a CLI, and an advanced query language for metadata. As a Highly-Available repository, Artifactory supports the scale enterprises need, earning community accolades as the “Database of DevOps.” We are committed to making sure Artifactory remains the superior technology for OSS users and our over 5,500 customers.

As always, we forge new improvements with this release too, including improved package management, and enhanced search capabilities that simplify the search experience.

Unified Experience 

Digital Transformation requires DevOps adoption in every organization, and the world demands an all-in-one solution that provides speed, security, efficiency, and HA. We chose to make the DevOps journey a joyful ride. JFrog Platform brings together all JFrog products under a single set of controls to provide developers and administrators with a seamless DevOps experience:

Packages in JFrog Platform

Unified User Interface

An integrated UI provides ready access to all JFrog Platform services at once. When using Artifactory with other JFrog products such as JFrog Xray, JFrog Distribution, JFrog Mission Control and JFrog Pipelines, you can view and run them all through a single pane of glass. 

Unified Permissions 

The JFrog Platform unifies all JFrog product permissions for one-stop permission management across all services, enabling simplified administration through a single account.

Under this unified permission model, administrators create a single permission target that applies to all the JFrog products you have installed. Through a single screen, admins can grant or deny each user appropriate access to all services on the DevOps platform.

Unified Data 

The integrated DevOps platform joins all services, package management, and security metadata for maximum SecOps visibility and traceability, providing full trust of your pipeline from code to production.

JFrog Pipelines

The JFrog Platform includes the full integration of JFrog Pipelines to centrally automate and orchestrate your DevOps pipelines. The fruition of JFrog’s acquisition of Shippable in 2019, JFrog Pipelines is a centralized cloud-native CI/CD product that can be scaled across thousands of concurrent pipelines, universally supporting DevOps workflows across an entire organization and delivering orchestration and visibility at unmatched scale from code to production.

Seamless DevOps Choice

The JFrog Platform provides the same unified experience whether you operate a self-hosted DevOps solution (on-prem), in the cloud, or in the hybrid or multi-cloud environment of your choice. Freedom of Choice has always been a significant part of our product philosophy; we will continue to support our users’ choice and help them to avoid any kind of vendor lock-in.

With all JFrog products able to operate with High Availability (HA), you can readily scale your operations as large and as fast as your organization grows.

And with JFrog subscription plans, you can address your organization’s unique needs across hybrid, self-managed, SaaS and multi-cloud models.

All for One

It took not just one village, but many to bring the JFrog Platform vision to life. Our amazing, dedicated frogs invested over 18 months in making this leap, with our product team driving design from customer needs and R&D engineers turning that into solid code. These are the super-frogs that sacrificed much to make sure the software world gets one more piece of innovation from the swamp! 

We’re thankful to our many trusted Beta customers who helped put the JFrog Platform through its paces with hundreds of hours of real-world trials. The feedback we receive helps make certain that we are always focused on creating customer happiness.

One for All

Digital transformation in the enterprise is driven by software, and software is being indisputably transformed by DevOps. The JFrog Platform is a transformation resulting from intense conversation and change. But it’s also the product of careful listening.

Developers and Ops engineers told us they need a more unified and centralized solution for next-generation DevOps automation. As developers ourselves, we know the pain, and we’re excited and proud to have met that challenge.

We’re honored to respect and reflect the requirements of global enterprises with this release. The JFrog Platform is immediately available for all current customers, and also as a free trial.

You’ll soon find that when tools are unified, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Our customers always say, “Once you leap forward you won’t go back.” Here’s to your next leap ahead!