Cloud Integrations: JFrog Achieves AWS PrivateLink Service Ready Validation

JFog Private Link AWS Certification

At JFrog, we talk about being universal and too integrated to fail. In addition to more than 30 technologies and package types supported natively, this also means supporting our customers in their hybrid and cloud infrastructure.

One such key integration capability for customers leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) is AWS PrivateLink. AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between virtual private clouds (VPCs), supported AWS services, and your on-premises networks without exposing your traffic to the public internet.

This is especially critical for customers in financial services, healthcare and government sectors as AWS PrivateLink prevents sensitive data, such as customer records, from traversing the Internet, helping maintain compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, EU-US Privacy Shield, and payment card industry (PCI).

With JFrog Cloud (SaaS), AWS PrivateLink establishes a secure network connection from the user’s cloud environment via Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to a JFrog Cloud (SaaS) instance that does not use the public Internet. Instead, the traffic traverses within the AWS backbone. This helps customers who need to optimize their security posture by limiting exposure of their data via the public Internet.

We’re excited to announce that JFrog is now an AWS PrivateLink Service Ready Partner. This blog post will cover what this means for JFrog customers using AWS, how JFrog customers today use PrivateLink in their JFrog Cloud deployments, and resources to get started with JFrog on AWS.

JFrog AWS Permalimk certification

What is AWS PrivateLink Service Ready validation?

JFrog earned the AWS PrivateLink Service Ready validation via the AWS Partner Network (APN) through years of technical collaboration and delivering customer success for those using PrivateLink. Partners with a Service Ready designation have demonstrated deep understanding and relevant customer experience, and achieve this via a robust validation process with AWS.

JFrog customers can trust that when they need to leverage AWS PrivateLink in their cloud environment, JFrog’s technical expertise and robust resources and documentation can help customers unlock the right solution to best fit their security needs.

“JFrog is excited to achieve another critical Service Ready validation with AWS,” says Kelly Hartman, SVP, Global Channels and Alliances for JFrog. “Through our partnership, we’re helping customers unlock the best of what AWS has to offer within their JFrog environment. JFrog and AWS are meeting customers where they are in their cloud DevSecOps journey to unlock innovation while driving excellence in security and compliance practices.”

How are customers using JFrog and AWS PrivateLink?

One JFrog customer leverages AWS PrivateLink for its container workflows in VPCs. In the following reference architecture example, container artifacts are pushed to the edge via Jenkins automation.

Then, the new containers are pushed up through the AWS PrivateLink connection into the customer’s JFrog SaaS instance. The promotion process is automated on the backend and production is shared across all remote locations, able to be pulled down and deployed to machines. Its services are then online with the new containers as they roll out across regions.

AWS JFrog PrivateLink reference architectureExample of customer reference architecture using AWS PrivateLink

For this customer, keeping internet traffic internal via PrivateLink configuration was key to adhering to the company’s InfoSec requirements. Additionally, by choosing JFrog SaaS, the customer:

  • Experiences little to no maintenance overhead
  • No longer has to maintain the underlying deployment process for its central instances
  • Gets new features with consistent update cadence from JFrog
  • Saves employee time by working directly with JFrog Support for always-on health-monitoring services

Where can I learn more?

Customers interested in incorporating AWS PrivateLink in their JFrog SaaS deployment can start by checking out the documentation in the JFrog Help Center: Set up AWS PrivateLink >

Not a customer yet, or looking to switch to cloud-native DevSecOps? Get a 14-day free trial >

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