Introducing New and Improved Statistics

UPDATE: As of May 1st 2021 Bintray services will no longer be available (ConanCenter and JCenter are not affected) for more information read the Centers Deprecation Blog

Bintray’s latest version introduces an upgraded graphic downloads statistics feature.

Now you can view the statistics of all package downloads segmented by date, version and country.

You can view the download stats for the last 24 hours by hour or select a wanted date range within the last 30 days. For unbounded date range download stats, simply link your package to Bintray’s JCenter repository, which is the largest collection of java libraries around.

We plan to roll out the unbounded stats feature for more repositories in the future, but if you have a popular non-java library, we may beta-enable this for you.

While we continue improving the stats feature, we will have even better news coming up for package owners in the next couple of days, so stay tuned 🙂

Geographic download stats
Geographic download stats
Versions Download statistics
Versions Download statistics