Imagine There’s No (Software) Versions

What if you could kill the update button? 

Or better yet, practically eliminate the software update task all together? What if the entire update process was seamless, invisible, and required basically no human intervention?

Imagine there’s no version.  (…it’s easy if you try…) 

Yes, you probably – like us – now have John Lennon’s famous song in your head. But if I can further quote John, “you may say that I’m a dreamer.” Or perhaps crazy. But the idea of a world with no software versions is closer than you may think.

In order to release software, you have to create identifiable builds and pipelines and packages and provide versioned libraries and all the many things that go into a release process. Of course, this is true. 

But to an edge device or browser or end-user, versions don’t really have to matter. What version of Facebook is on your phone? You don’t care – until it’s time to update it and you get annoyed. What is the current version of the operating system in your car… even your laptop? You might know, but again you don’t really care as long as it’s up to date. How about your version of Microsoft 360? The version of your favorite website? You don’t care. You just don’t. You want it to work, and the more transparently it works the better. In fact, you’d prefer it most times if software would just update and you didn’t even need to click a button.

This is where JFrog’s “Liquid Software” vision comes in. For a few years, you’ve probably thought of JFrog as a DevOps company, and perhaps recently as the Liquid Software company. But what does that mean?

In its truest form, Liquid Software updates software continuously from code to the edge seamlessly, securely and with no downtime. No versions. No big buttons. Just flowing updates that frictionlessly power all the devices and applications around you.

As we showcased at swampUP 2019, the ability to update software seamlessly in real time has practical but radical consequences for safety, security, speed and cost. The version doesn’t matter anymore – the functionality, security and time to delivery does.

Over a decade ago, we founded JFrog to improve how you handled artifacts in your development pipeline. Today, we are operating at a  much bigger scale and towards a much larger vision.

With the release of the JFrog Platform in 2019, you can automate nearly every task across your DevOps pipeline to make a world without software versions a reality. Imagine: constant, continuous updates that just flow to edge devices. It’s not a pipe dream (or a dream for your pipeline). It’s the Liquid Software vision: a world without versions. 

But how can you begin this “no version” software journey? 

I’d invite you to try the JFrog Platform. It’s free to test drive.

If you want to be even more involved, you should join the team making this happen. We’re always on the lookout for people like you that are seeking for new challenges that place you at the forefront of technology. See open positions at JFrog.

The no-version revolution has begun. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.