Release Lifecycle Management


Releasing production-ready software is a complicated tangle of tools and processes lacking consistency, visibility, and traceability. For most organizations, there is no one place that defines the “release” as a single entity composed of multiple software pieces, and then tracks all the actions taken against the release to ensure its quality and security as it moves towards approval for consumption. This leads to custom integrations and human intervention, which create opportunities for mistakes, impede automation, and increase the likelihood of insecure software being released.


  • Standardize the release process
  • Introduce best practices to standardize release management and increase software development value stream efficiency and transparency
  • Gain full visibility and control
  • Only advance software towards release when predefined criteria are met while tracking the status of every build you produce to measure performance
  • Ensure binary integrity for quality you can trust
  • Anti-tampering systems, standards, and evidence capture ensure you’re releasing trusted secure, quality software


Immutable Releases: Signed Release Bundles provide an immutable “snapshot” which defines the packages and components making up a release.

Release Promotion: Seamlessly promote a Release Bundle from one environment to another, not rebuilding at any point in the release process.

Promotion Gates: Control how or when a release advances including such things as security checks, license validations, and operational requirements.

Custom Environments: Configure environments aligned to your SDLC stages with the necessary repositories for the components contained within a release.

Evidence Capture (BETA): Capture evidence of actions taken by the various teams and tools against the release to ensure its security and quality.

Release Distribution: Take a release to the optimum location for consumption, ensuring a trusted chain of custody to the very “last mile” of software delivery.


As the central hub of development, JFrog is the natural solution to track and manage releases. By connecting all the tools and processes across your organization, JFrog allows teams to standardize the release process, eliminate manual work, and deliver trusted software releases, faster.


Release Fast Or Die