Google and GitHub insist – go store your binaries in a proper place!

Starting July 2nd GitHub is allowing hosting binaries again. Point about Google Code still remains valid. Plus, we believe we still do better job when it comes to binaries, comparing to GitHub, which is awesome (for your sources).

Well, first GitHub, and now Google Code, both cease to host your binaries on their platforms. The reasons are the same – distributing binaries is not what they do. They manage source code, documentation, issues, etc., but not binaries, that’s a whole different business.

How do we know? Because it’s our business. As opposed to project development platforms, Bintray is a platform, that does one thing right – distributing your OSS binaries. And it’s free.

So, what makes this Bintray thing better than other binaries hosting solution, you might ask?
We, at JFrog, are building on years of our experience with Artifactory to provide you with the best binaries distribution platform ever. Here’s what you get:

package screenshot
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  • Free binaries distribution platform for open-source projects
  • Manage version release notes or import them from GitHub
  • Easiest way to share your software with the world
  • Automate your distribution using REST API
  • Easy integration with Maven, Gradle, Yum and Apt
  • Your binaries are easy to find using metadata & text indexing
  • Near real-time stats
  • Interact and get feedback from users
  • Include your software in other repositories
  • Binaries are available through a fast CDN

Stay with your development platform, it is fine, we’ll take it from there. In case with GitHub – literally; we’ll set up your repositories and packages based on your GitHub projects information.

Bottom line, before worrying about yet another binaries storage termination, simply just use an appropriate platform for binaries from day one, Bintray!

squirrelP.S. There are a couple of rather important reasons why we aren’t scared of abuse as Google are:

  • Bintray’s structural and hierarchical organization makes sure all your package files are tidy.
  • Crowd wisdom and high front page visibility for newest releases, makes abuse evident.
  • We have green balls! 🙂