Get Critical Insights About Security Vulnerabilities Directly in Visual Studio

JFrog Visual Studio Extension

The JFrog Visual Studio extension was created to allow the developers an easy integration with JFrog tools from within their Visual Studio environment. The extension provides you with critical insights about the licenses and security vulnerabilities JFrog Xray identifies in the NuGet packages used in your projects.

With this extension, developers using Visual Studio can now be notified of security vulnerabilities in their NuGet packages right from within the Visual Studio IDE! As soon as you build your code, Visual Studio will retrieve information about each NuGet package that’s being used by your code from Xray. It will then display the information in a dedicated panel.

This free extension requires JFrog Xray version 2.5.0 or above, and can be downloaded and installed from Visual Studio. Simply go to Tools > Extensions and Updates, click on Online and then search for JFrog.

Try it out for yourself!