Fearless Updates with JFrog Enterprise+: A Step-By-Step Demo

Manage and Distribute your Software Updates

The JFrog Enterprise+ platform gives you a complete pipeline to control the flow of your binaries from build to production. Managing your software deployment end-to-end.

The following screencast demonstrates a complete workflow from managing your JFrog services all the way to creating and securely distributing release bundles to target destinations. All part of the Enterprise+ platform solution.
Complete Workflow

It includes the following steps:

  1. JFrog Mission Control – Start with a map view of the 2 main sites and 3 edge nodes.
  2. JFrog Source Artifactory – Identify the files to create a release bundle from.
  3. JFrog Distribution – Create a release bundle, sign the release bundle and distribute it.
  4. JFrog Artifactory Edge – See the received release bundle and use the REST API to see the release bundle contents
  5. JFrog Source Artifactory – View the release bundle in the release bundles repository.