Artifactory 6.12 Released: Including Smart Remote Repositories on Edge Nodes

JFrog Artifactory v6_12

Quality is a core value at JFrog.

This release of JFrog Artifactory is no exception, with heavy emphasis on releasing features and updates that are most important to you. We’re excited and proud to release Artifactory 6.12.

As a precursor to the coming release of JFrog’s Unified Experience and JFrog Pipelines, Artifactory 6.12 includes:

Support for Smart Remote Repositories on Edge Nodes

Artifactory 6.12 includes Artifactory Edge support for pulling artifacts using Smart Remote Repositories. Previously, distributing artifacts to an Edge Node could only be done using Release Bundles. This enhancement allows pulling artifacts from other Artifactory instances (ones with Enterprise+ or Edge licenses), just like any remote repository. This feature is available as a JFrog Artifactory On-Premise installation and requires a JFrog Enterprise+ or JFrog Artifactory Edge license.

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S3 Cloud Storage Provider Using the Official AWS SDK

Artifactory now supports using S3 cloud storage using the official AWS SDK. S3 using JetS3t library is still supported, and upon upgrade you are not required to make any changes.

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Pull Latest Docker Image from Virtual Repository

You can now set your Virtual Docker repositories to pull Docker images according to their modification time in scenarios where two or more aggregated repositories contain the same tag name. For example, busybox:1.1.

Instead of fetching the image that is positioned higher in the resolution order in the virtual repository, Artifactory will return the Docker image last deployed to one of the aggregated repositories in the Virtual repository.

This functionality is useful for multi-site environments where you create the same image on two different instances.

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See our Release Notes for the full details on new features, enhancements and issues resolved.