A Journey Into Modern DevOps and Continuous Integration in C and C++ Projects


C and C++ continue to be used and favored by many developers in all industries. However, when compared to other languages, C/C++ developers face greater challenges that include: long build times, diverse platforms and ecosystems, different build systems, binary compatibility, code inlining and embedding, and lack of standard for OSS.

This featured DevOps.com article takes a look at these challenges, outlines the required modern DevOps practices and tools, and demonstrates how they can be solved with a typical case study that uses Conan and JFrog Artifactory.

C++ is not only the most powerful language in terms of performance, but it’s also a great language!
It has true generics, it is expressive, and one of the most loved languages out there by programmers.
Diego Rodriguez-LosadaSW Engineer at JFrog and creator of Conan.io the OSS C/C++ package manager

Diagram: CI Cycle example for C/C++ with Conan, Artifactory and Jenkins (build systems: CMake, VS, MakeFile)

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