3.0.x at Full Speed

You probably already noticed, but just in case – Artifactory 3.0 awesomeness is now delivered to you more frequently than ever. For example, we just released 3.0.2. This minor release completes the databases support matrix by adding PostgreSQL to the mix. 
In addition to the usual load of bug fixes we introduced a special treatment for `artifactory.content-type` property. Setting it now controls the content-type of the file in case you want to override the defaults. In other news – user plugins public API just got statistics methods – artifacts count and size per repository.

Here are the full release notes, go grab Artifactory 3.0.2 from Bintray now, and enjoy your build.

P.S. Still on Artifactory 2? Here’s a nice YouTube video for you:

P.P.S. Excited about Ruby? We are! Here’s a teaser for you – 3.0.3 supports RubyGems. Stay tuned…