Universal Distribution

Enterprise-scale distribution is now handled
through the robust JFrog Platform.
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What is JFrog Bintray?

Universal One Distribution Hub for All Technologies

JFrog Bintray offers native support for all major package formats, which allows you to work seamlessly with industry standard development, build and deployment tools. With support for massive scalability and worldwide coverage, this gives you the best native repository distribution available.
As a universal distribution hub, JFrog Bintray offers native support for major package formats in common use today - including Docker images, Conan C/C++, Vagrant, Debian, npm, RPM, Opkg, NuGet and more. This means that Bintray maintains repositories dedicated to the specific format, indexes packages hosted and generates the metadata required to work transparently with the corresponding client.


JFrog Bintray meets and, even exceeds, the core requirements for enterprise software distribution.


The JFrog Platform provides SAML authentication for single-sign-on through your corporate SAML server. Restrict access to your repositories based on IP or Geo-location. Control internal access through organizations, teams and permissions, or give external users time-limited download privileges to specific files using signed URLs. For granular control, manage entitlements that let you grant access to secure, private repositories at any level - from a complete repository down to a specific file.


Globally deployed over an ultra-fast Akamai CDN, with both US and European clusters, Bintray offers enterprise-grade performance and reliability with data being backed up and replicated over multiple cloud providers.


A rich REST API allows you to control every aspect of your software distribution, manage access to your content, collect logs and analytics, and much more.


The JFrog support team is available to JFrog Platform Pro X and higher subscription holders 24/7, and provides unbeatable SLA-based response times for any issue.


Understand and manage the internal factors driving your business growth.


Manage and control internal accounting by assigning your repositories to business units and charging for them according to their usage within your organization.

Statistics, Audit Logs and Geo Analytics

Get deep user insights with advanced download stats that include domain, geolocation and user details down to the level of exactly “who downloaded what from where and when”. With the JFrog Platform, use geo-analytics to know the exact geographic distribution of your downloaders.


With the broad JFrog Platform, easily protect your software by collecting its different related components into a “Product” which is protected by a single EULA which consumers must accept before they can use any of the components.


As complementary products, Artifactory and Bintray together form a continuum that covers the complete software supply chain.

distribution repository

Through a simple set of rules, define how packages are automatically uploaded from Artifactory to Bintray for distribution to end users and edge devices.

from development to distribution

Working seamlessly together out-of-the-box, Artifactory and Bintray form the only software delivery pipeline that is fully automated from development to distribution.

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