Automating Infrastructure & Software Management

Puppet is driving the movement to a world of unconstrained software change. Its revolutionary platform is the industry standard for automating the delivery and operation of the software that powers everything around us.

Infrastructure-as-Code Management

JFrog Artifactory supports Puppet Modules and will let you run your own Forge repository behind the firewall or in the cloud as a private repository. Infrastructure-as-code belongs in its own lifecycle and your tools should just work. That’s why the Puppet client has been updated to support Artifactory Puppet repositories.


Simple Management

By aggregating multiple Puppet repositories under a single virtual repository, Artifactory enables upload and download access to all your Puppet modules through a single URL.

Manage your DevOps Team

Support for flexible puppet repository layouts that allow you to organize your Puppet modules, and assign access privileges according to projects or development teams.

Private Repo Management

Providing access to remote Puppet repositories (such as https://forgeapi.puppetlabs.com/) and supporting the use remote repositories which provides proxy and caching functionalities.

Focus on Creating Software - Automate!

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