Kubernetes for the Enterprise

Nutanix Karbon is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes Certified distribution that simplifies the provisioning, operations and lifecycle management of Kubernetes with a native Kubernetes experience. Karbon makes it simple to deploy a highly available Kubernetes cluster and operate web-scale workloads.

DevOps Requires Full Traceability

JFrog Artifactory provides a unified set of repositories for builds, deployable containers, and Helm deployment charts that act as your Kubernetes registry, providing control over Kubernetes orchestration under Nutanix Karbon with full traceability of everything deployed.


Drive in the Fast Lane to Release

Artifactory empowers Kubernetes-native development, enabling your continuous integration system for a fully automated end-to-end workflow. Built for development of containerized microservices, Artifactory helps speed a seamless path of promotion from code through test to production deployment in Kubernetes clusters under Nutanix Karbon.

Clean Collaboration Across Teams

Artifactory helps teams work together and share code with trust. By tracking the relationships and dependencies between artifacts in its repositories, Artifactory can trigger automatic updates from changes in shared code. Configurable rules for automating the promotion of builds help ensure a clean handoff from development to operations.

Safety in Clusters

The intelligence JFrog Artifactory collects about builds helps assure trust in their origin and state, enabling your CI/CD automation to make swift, smart decisions that can speed them confidently to release. Version control helps ensure a reliable build is always available for deployment or rollback. Optional tools can scan for security vulnerabilities, conformance lapses, and more to prevent an unsafe build from deploying into a production environment.

Artifactory Enterprise with Karbon

Release Fast Or Die