Deploy Kubernetes with Confidence

NeuVector is the leader in Kubernetes security and delivers the first and only multi-vector container security platform. NeuVector enables the confident deployment of enterprise-wide container strategies, across multi-cloud and on-premise environments.

Ensure Security Policies

NeuVector’s auto-response rules can incorporate the results of JFrog Xray image scanning to provide security policies and response actions that protect containers and generate alerts. These rules can be customized to match criteria , or set to address suspicious activity across multiple threat vectors – including the container network, processes, or file system. NeuVector’s behavior alert information also feeds into JFrog Xray, to help developers choose which containers to add to their projects as dependencies.

Catch Risks Quickly

Generate an automatic response to address suspicious activity, according to container vulnerability profiles you specify. Automate promotion decisions from those results, matching risk level acceptance to each release stage.

Notify the Right Person

Specify a range of incident responses using webhooks, and generate custom notifications back to the owner of a compromised container’s image in Artifactory for the developer to take action. Promote teamwork by delegating the responsibility to resolve issues.

Rollback at the Ready

Keep your systems safe when NeuVector finds a container’s behavior suspicious by automatically rolling back to the last known safe version kept by Artifactory’s repository.

Shift-Left Security

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